Our avaliable inventory

Please read the notes and explainations to use this page first.

• If we are importing a firearm for you, you are able to see it's status this way online.

   Please do not call or e-mail, we do not have additional information.

• If you are looking for a firearm to purchase, you can see if we maybe have this firearm already.

   Otherwise we will gladly see if we can find it for you.

   You are able to make a bit (buying offer) for this firearm. Once it arives in the US we will notify you.

• Please be aware that we do not give ETA's since we do not have any influance on our or foreign governments.

Notes and explainations:

• The firearm rating on it's condition is:

   1 New

   2 Used but like new with some use hard to tell that it's used

   3 Used in fair condition

   4 Used with clear marks and even rust

   5 Used with heavy wear and/or rust, however full functioning  

   6 Used not functioning and only good for spare parts

• IB means it is in box

• IBC means it is in box with all factory parts and manual

• S means the firearm is sold or not our property

• A means avalible for sale  

• Last 3 digits of serial numbers are covered with XXX

• Type of firearm PI is Pistol / RE is Revolver / RI is Rifle / SG is Shotgun / FR is frame only / WS is a conversion kit

• BAFA is the German Government agency issuing Export Permits (notoriously taking 3 month)

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