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On this site we introduce firearms we test and write ups.

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CIP “Proof stamps” markings

Heckler & Koch Model P9S

Review of Kel-Tech PMR-30 .22WMR

Bundeswehr Zentrale Dienstvorschrift for P1, UZI and P8 ZDv3

Heckler & Koch Manuals HK4, P9S, P8, P2000, HK45, USP Expert, USPc, Mk23, USP Match, USPExpert, USP Elite, UPS Tactical, P2A1 (Flare device)

Walther Manuals PP , P38, P88, HK416D .22, HK416 Pistol .22

Please find below pictures we took over some time

MDW Guns imported the HK USP serial number 24-001 into the US!

Above: Wilson Combat 1911 fired in .45 ACP

Below: S&W Nightguard fired in .38 Spl.

Above: HK P7M8 fired in 9X19 mm

Below: HK 53 fired in 5.56X45 / .223 Rem. White errow makes the brass in the air.

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